Other than for workouts, a lot of women wear yoga pants for running errands, school, travelling or even sleeping. Regardless of the growing popularity of using these pants other than for exercises, having yoga pants that are stylish, comfortable as well as flexible have always been vital to most women. In here, I will cover some steps, to help you select the best yoga pants you can use for exercises as well as for other activities.

Choosing The Best Yoga Pants For Workouts

1. Determine the level of comfort

When it comes to using yoga pants for actual yoga exercises, your first priority should be their level of comfort. You won’t have that much trouble finding pants that fit you as most of these pants can stretch easily due to their elastic waistbands and synthetic or cotton fabrics. Although, this is the case, you still need to test them by doing some stretches or jumps while wearing them. Remember, your aim is extreme comfort so if ever you feel any pain or irritation, go to the next product right away.  Just try the Basic Yoga Poses  below while wearing yoga pants:

2. Examine The Fabric

Yoga exercises will usually make you sweat, so if you wish to have a more enjoyable workout, choose fabrics that are light and absorbent. To examine a fabric, pinch it between your thumb and index finger. A potentially good fabric is the one that feels smooth and not rough or more sweat pant-like.

3. Determine Level Of Durability And Flexibility

While, highly durable yoga pants are the most recommended for exercises, they can be very expensive. Buying cheap yoga pants is still the most practical approach yet you might want to schedule when to use each one.

4. Choose Pants That You Feel Confident Wearing

Aside from comfort, determine whether the yoga pants make you feel too self-conscious. When performing yoga, it is vital that you are at peace or relaxed. You can’t feel relaxed if you constantly worry on how you look.

If you are conscious about your glutes then try slightly loosed or plus size yoga pants. Although, they cannot cling to you as efficiently as the right sized pants, they are still a comfortable fit. If you are not that confident about your legs then you can try yoga pants that are extra long. Choose colors such as black and gray since they are the least conspicuous colors of yoga pants. If you prefer to attract less attention whenever doing exercises, then choose either of the two colors.

Best Yoga Pants For Non Work Out Activities

1. Go With Versatile Colors. If you plan to use yoga pants as a substitute for your jeans, then go with versatile colors such as black and gray.


2. Choose Pants With Thick And Less Absorbent Fabrics. As you do not plan to use your yoga pants for exercises, you do not have to worry yourself about choosing pants with the right fabrics. Focusing on design when it comes to choosing yoga pants will mostly get you those that feels heavier and less revealing.

3. Choose Yoga Pants That Compliments Your Outfit. For example, shoes such as sneakers and flip-flops can go well with your yoga pants while, high heels often do not. Too much make up and jewelry may not look good on you when wearing these pants.

Although, the popularity of yoga pants for women as a fashionable and stylish clothing is undeniable, it is vital that you identify the appropriate occasions when you can use them. For example, wearing yoga pants in formal events such as weddings, business meetings or even your first date may not provide the same appeal.

We may have different perceptions or ideas of the best yoga pants. If you feel self-conscious whenever you wear your pants, do not yet decide to throw them away since mostly, they become comfortable the more you wear them. If a couple of weeks have passed and you still feel self-conscious while wearing them, then do not force yourself and try other designs or sizes.